Gorton's Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Go Beyond the Cocktail for National Shrimp Day!

Today we celebrate yet another food holiday, and this time it’s all about shrimp—it’s National Shrimp Day! In case you didn’t know, here are some stats about shrimp: they are a lean source of protein, they have some omega 3-fats, and of course, are conveniently found in the freezer aisle—just as fresh as fresh[1].

Bays English Muffins Bacon Zola Sandwich

Make Her Day This Mother’s Day!

Although moms are special and should be recognized year-round, this Sunday, May 8th is the official Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day became a holiday in 1914 and typically falls on the second Sunday in May. Its founder, Anna Jarvis, established Mother’s Day as a way to honor the sacrifices mothers made for their children. Ironically, after the heavy commercialization of Mother’s Day that boomed with florists and card companies, Jarvis denounced the holiday[1].

Orange Juice

Raise a Glass to National Orange Juice Day!

Can you smell that bright, cheery and citrusy aroma? It is of course orange juice and we’re celebrating National Orange Juice Day today—because who doesn’t love a holiday for a nostalgic and delicious beverage? Did you know orange juice is one of the most nutrient-rich fruit juices commonly consumed in the United States? It provides a good source of vitamins for heart health and has many antioxidants[1].

SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels

Take a Bite Out of National Pretzel Day!

You know that snack food that is surely stocked somewhere in your pantry or office cafeteria? Well, it’s time to celebrate its existence because it has its very own holiday—National Pretzel Day! Whether you dig into a giant bag of pretzels or heat a soft pretzel up from the freezer, the perfect salt-to-dough ratio can be irresistible, and not to mention nostalgic.

Strawberry Pistachio Coconut Probiotic Tarts

Savor Springtime Weather with Picnics and Outdoor Entertaining

Springtime and beautiful weather is finally upon us, so why not make the best use of your time and soak up the sun (but don’t forget your sunscreen :) )! Grab some yummy snacks and a blanket to go out and enjoy the warm weather! Did you know “picnic” comes from the French word piquenique, which means “a meal eaten outdoors”[1]?