Lemon Cream Fruit Tart

Summer Recipes to Fall in Love With

At last it is the first day of summer and officially warm weather season! What better time to embrace recipes that have “summer” written all over them. Fruity flavors, fresh ingredients and scrumptious drinks to keep you cool. Rejoice in the longer days and ample sunlight with sweet treats, savory snacks, refreshing drinks and anything that tastes just a little better eaten outside.

Pierogy Kabobs

Grilled Favorites for Father’s Day

Sunday, June 19 is the day we honor dads with Father’s Day. From changing diapers and holding onto your first two-wheeler bike to loaning you the car keys and teaching you to change a tire, many of us would be lost without the fundamental skills imparted to us by our dads. For such a unique guy, a traditional gift just won’t do. Whether your dad will be golfing, fishing, mowing the lawn or watching the game on Father’s Day, there’s always time for food! 

Katie Workman's Mac and Cheese Cups and Chicken Kebabs

Katie Workman Celebrates June Dairy Month

June is a favorite month in our household.  Of course the warmer weather is a great base, and then there’s those first nights of grilling, Father’s Day, eating outdoors….but my kids would look at me with confusion as I list these reasons first.  It’s also the end of the school year, hence the beginning of summer, which is a magical moment in their world.

Key Lime Cupcakes

Attention All Cupcake Lovers: The Day Is Here!

There’s a food holiday for nearly every occasion and cupcakes are no exception. Today is the official National Cupcake Lovers Day! So where did cupcakes come from you may ask? At the turn of the century, multi-cupcake molded tins became more popular and available to the general public, leading to consumers baking the mini-sized dessert[1]. The corporatization of the first mass-produced cupcake, the Hostess CupCake with its chocolate cake and signature white frosting squiggle that is still available today, also contributed to the popularity of the cupcake. And in the 1940s and 1950s, baking at home became easier with the introduction of box cake mixes[2].

Pillsbury Baked Glazed Doughnuts

Go Nuts for these Homemade Doughnuts this Donut Day!

Celebrated on the first Friday of June, this year National Donut Day is today, June 3rd! Did you know this sweet holiday has been around for almost 80 years? It began when the Salvation Army provided donuts as a fundraiser to raise funds during the Great Depression[1]. Founded in 1938, National Donut Day honors the women, or “Doughnut Lassies”, from the Salvation Army who served donuts to soldiers during World War I to raise moral[2]. Sometimes donuts were even cooked in oil inside the metal helmets of soldiers[1]!

Cannoli Flapjacks

Out of this World Possibilities During June Dairy Month!

Happy June—more importantly happy June Dairy Month! This year marks the 14th annual June Dairy Month national promotion, where the entire month is dedicated to celebrating the dairy aisle and all the products it has to offer. From dairy staples you know and love, to decadent treats and ingredients for your favorite dishes, explore the dairy aisle and see for yourself the Out of this World Possibilities!2016 June Dairy Month Ice Age

California-Style Ranch Burger

Mouthwatering Memorial Day Burgers

The weekend we’ve all been waiting for is finally here—Memorial Day weekend—a.k.a. the official kick-off to summer! Whether you are hosting a cookout or attending a family or friend’s, grilling burgers on Memorial Day is a time-honored tradition. In fact, the burger is the most popular barbecued food on Memorial Day[1]. And since May is also National Hamburger Month, there’s even more reason to be grilling burgers of all varieties this weekend!

Amish Potato Salad

Easy Home Meals Team Tries New Cookout Favorites

Is there a side dish, appetizer or beverage that a relative or friend always makes for your summer get-togethers or cookouts? You know, your cousin’s coleslaw or grandma’s macaroni salad? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy that favorite dish whenever you’d like? The ladies of the Easy Home Meals team are taking their own favorites and attempting to make them all by themselves!

Gorton's Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Go Beyond the Cocktail for National Shrimp Day!

Today we celebrate yet another food holiday, and this time it’s all about shrimp—it’s National Shrimp Day! In case you didn’t know, here are some stats about shrimp: they are a lean source of protein, they have some omega 3-fats, and of course, are conveniently found in the freezer aisle—just as fresh as fresh[1].