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Irish Cream Rainbow Cupcakes

Enjoy All Things Irish & Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17 marks St. Patrick’s Day! Saint Patrick’s Day originally was a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland[1]. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years[2]. It has become an international festival celebrating the culture of Ireland[1].  Surprisingly, the first parade held to honor St. Patrick’s Day took place not in Ireland but in the U.S.– in New York City[2]. Out of anywhere in the world, NYC even beats out Ireland themselves for the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration[3].

St. Patrick's Day cookies

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Traditional Eats & Festive Treats!

Every year on March 17, the luck of the Irish comes to life in a fun and festive holiday celebration! Saint Patrick’s Day is not only celebrated by the Irish, but also the Irish-at-heart all across the world! St. Patrick’s Day honors the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. St. Patrick died on March 17, 461—but did you know that he actually wasn’t even Irish[1]