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Game Day Snacks Starting with the “Cool” Aisles

“Game Day” season is upon us! It’s time for tailgating, get togethers around the big screen TV and cheering on your favorite team while enjoying savory and mouthwatering snacks. Whether you like football, basketball or anything in between, the frozen aisles at the grocery store provide all the answers for delicious snack recipes and easy to prepare products. You’ll have your game day menu ready in no time!

Soft pretzel dip bar

Get Peppy for National Soft Pretzel Month!

Now is the time to celebrate the creation of the doughy, salty (or sweet) snack we have all come to love so much—it’s National Soft Pretzel Month! Soft pretzels are a snack that everyone enjoys, and with so many ways to eat them and ways to transform them into something even more delicious, the possibilities are endless. Keep scrolling to see some of the best frozen pretzels, as well as some scrumptious pretzel recipes you can whip up for yourself and the family. This is a holiday you are not going to want to miss out on!

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Stock Up On Snacks

Did you know February is National Snack Food Month? Snacks continue to boom in popularity and are now totally engrained in our culinary culture. Research shows that consumers are snacking more and increasingly eating snack foods along with their main meals[1].From midday munchies to post-dinner sweets and everything in between, snacks are becoming part of our everyday routine. But, the attitudes towards snacking have changed over the years. In the 1980’s, 70 percent of people said they tried to avoid snacking whereas now many people snack to satisfy varying motivations such as functional (health and hungry) and emotional needs (craving)[1].

Football Cheese Ball

Kick Off Your Super Bowl Party with These Snacks!

The Super Bowl is around the corner and so is your big game party full of tasty snacks. People can’t stop talking about what teams are playing, who has the biggest TV to watch the game on and who’s going to win. More importantly though – what foods you’re going to munch while cheering the players on and watching the halftime show! In addition to football mania, today just happens to be the first day of National Snack Food Month, so kick off February with some delicious snack foods and treats for your game day get together!