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Pull Apart Bread with Chorizo Queso

Go Crazy Over These Crescent Roll Recipes

Crescent rolls are a staple at nearly every family holiday, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t include them in your every day meals! From breakfast to dinner and all the snacking in between, we have you covered with some of our favorite crescent roll recipes!

Pesto Deviled Eggs

Make the Dairy Aisle Your Destination for the Perfect-Sized Snack

It’s clear we’ve become a nation of people who love their snacks and often opt for smaller meals throughout the day. With many people aiming for a well-balanced diet that combines healthy and occasionally indulgent options, the dairy aisle can be your one-stop shop for endless snacking possibilities. Your grocer’s dairy case is a perfect place to find nutritious, protein-packed snacks and easy, grab-and-go meals to fuel your busy summer days.

Celebrate Spring with Creative “Bar” Meal Ideas

Withqb-quesadilla-bar sunny skies on the forecast and warm weather, now is the time for all things spring! Graduations are happening and accompanying parties are being planned. Plus, spring is the perfect time for bridal and baby showers and getting together with friends and family! Gather everyone together and get creative by hosting an easy “bar” – where guests choose from toppings to make their perfect meal.

Snack Recipes

Unique Snack-spiration from our Cool Food Panel

Snack Food Month is coming to a close (tear). But, before we let that happen we wanted to share our newest recipes created by some of our Cool Food Panelists. From pizza to a smoothie and bruschetta to quesadillas, these recipes are totally unique, contain wholesome ingredients and make for some beautiful Instagram photos! With 75% of people snacking between meals, these recipes make for the perfect snack anytime of the day!

After school Pizza Puffs

Kid-Approved After School Snacks

School days can be exhausting, and weeknights can be even busier between after school extra curriculars, music lessons, sports and other activities. Depending on what time your child eats lunch at school, it can be a really long span until dinner’s ready. A stocked fridge and freezer for after school snacks can help you stave off hunger and avoid the evening meltdown from your kiddos.

SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels

Take a Bite Out of National Pretzel Day!

You know that snack food that is surely stocked somewhere in your pantry or office cafeteria? Well, it’s time to celebrate its existence because it has its very own holiday—National Pretzel Day! Whether you dig into a giant bag of pretzels or heat a soft pretzel up from the freezer, the perfect salt-to-dough ratio can be irresistible, and not to mention nostalgic.

Strawberry Pistachio Coconut Probiotic Tarts

Savor Springtime Weather with Picnics and Outdoor Entertaining

Springtime and beautiful weather is finally upon us, so why not make the best use of your time and soak up the sun (but don’t forget your sunscreen 🙂 )! Grab some yummy snacks and a blanket to go out and enjoy the warm weather! Did you know “picnic” comes from the French word piquenique, which means “a meal eaten outdoors”[1]?

Cool Food Panel Recap

Easy, Healthy, Winter Recipes to Brighten Your Day

Easy, healthy recipes are especially important during the winter months. Because let’s face it, winter days can sometimes be cold and dreary…and our moods can be the same. Which means our motivation to keep those healthy New Year’s resolutions can be challenging. A few of our Cool Food Panel of food experts, chefs and bloggers shared some terrific ideas and winter recipes to maintain your motivation, and brighten your day, your mood and your kitchen!

Football Cheese Ball

Kick Off Your Super Bowl Party with These Snacks!

The Super Bowl is around the corner and so is your big game party full of tasty snacks. People can’t stop talking about what teams are playing, who has the biggest TV to watch the game on and who’s going to win. More importantly though – what foods you’re going to munch while cheering the players on and watching the halftime show! In addition to football mania, today just happens to be the first day of National Snack Food Month, so kick off February with some delicious snack foods and treats for your game day get together!

Banana M&M Crunch Smoothie

Attention! Time for After-School Snacks

When the school day ends, children are bound to feel their stomachs rumble while heading home on the school bus or before their extracurricular activities. Already hungry from their lunch several hours before, the trick is to give your kids after-school snacks that are hearty enough to satisfy their cravings but still leaves plenty of room for dinner.