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March Recipes

Yummy Recipes to Wrap up Frozen Food Month!

With March Frozen Food Month officially over, we would like to share some of the deliciously creative recipes our Cool Food Panel came up with using products straight from the freezer aisle! Take a look at some of the amazing ways our panelists incorporated frozen foods into their mouth-watering blog recipes.

Freezer Aisle

5 Surprising Things You Can Find in the Frozen Food Aisle

You do your best to balance all parts of your busy lifestyle including remembering to be active and keep a balanced diet. This is where frozen foods can be a reliable source for planning ahead and staying on track. Why? Frozen foods are real foods that just happen to be frozen retaining all the flavor, quality and nutrition as when they were made.

March Recipe Ideas

Creative Recipe Ideas to Take Advantage of Frozen Food Month

We all want to get a quality dinner on the table fast, provide the perfect snack for the kids and entertain with ease. For March Frozen Food Month, our Cool Food Panel of bloggers was tasked with creating some great new recipes and meal ideas with their favorite frozen foods.

Asian Flatbread Pizza

Praise Flavorful Frozen Foods for Frozen Food Day!

Today is Frozen Food Day – time to celebrate and appreciate the delicious options in the frozen food aisle! Make the most of Frozen Food Day by browsing the freezer aisles in your grocery store and seeing the excellent value, nutrition and variety that frozen foods provide. Frozen foods make mealtime easy – from vegetables picked at the peak of freshness, to meals from every ethnic cuisine, to delectable desserts ready to eat.

Over-the-Top Chicken Caesar Melt

Happy March Frozen Food Month!

Did you know March is National Frozen Food Month? There’s no better time than now to check out what’s new and tasty in the freezer aisles – as many local grocery stores will be featuring special prices and promotions all month long. Supermarkets and frozen food brands nationwide are pairing up to offer awesome deals on many of the over 3,700 products you can find in the frozen food section.

Good Food Made Simple Banana Pancake Puffs

Frozen Food Favorites Receive Product HITS from Supermarket Guru

March Frozen Food Month proved to be a HIT with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert. From pizza to fresh frozen herbs (and everything in between), the Guru found these frozen food products to be an awesome addition to every family’s kitchen. Three of these freezer stars even took the title of PICK OF THE WEEK!

Cool Food Panel recipes

Spruce up Your Recipe Repertoire this Spring with Easy Meals for All Occasions

During Marhc our Cool Food Panel offered up springtime ideas for every part of the day – all made simple with the convenience of frozen foods. Say goodbye to falling into that same old trap of making and eating the same meals over and over again. While your recipe go-tos are comfortable because you make them all the time and you can pull them together quickly, remember you don’t have to get complicated and fancy just to liven up your weekly meal plan.

Our Cool Food Panel Celebrates Frozen Food Month

From making your life easier to inspiring your everyday meals, our Cool Food Panel of food experts, chefs and bloggers tapped the freezer section to inspire this month’s creations in celebration of March Frozen Food Month. These simple and delicious ideas will take you all the way from breakfast to dinner.