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Broccoli Ricotta Bites

Super Cool After-School Snacks

We’ve said it before that snacking has become increasingly popular over the years, but it has always been common among children and adolescents, particularly after school. Many students eat lunch early—11:30 a.m. or even before—and then have an afternoon of classes and maybe even an after-school activity before their next opportunity to eat. It’s no surprise that most kids are starving by the time they get home and thus, reach for a snack.

Land O'Lakes Lunchbox Surprise Sandwich

Lunchbox Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, it’s time to embrace the school season as fall will be here before we know it. Besides breakfasts and after school snacks, another important meal you can’t forget about is lunch. Light up your kids’ faces by taking their lunchbox to the next level with these simple and fun recipes!

After school Pizza Puffs

Kid-Approved After School Snacks

School days can be exhausting, and weeknights can be even busier between after school extra curriculars, music lessons, sports and other activities. Depending on what time your child eats lunch at school, it can be a really long span until dinner’s ready. A stocked fridge and freezer for after school snacks can help you stave off hunger and avoid the evening meltdown from your kiddos.

Breakfast in a Mug

All-Star Back to School Breakfast Ideas

It’s August, which means it’s Back to School time! Between shopping for school supplies and new clothes, it’s also important to start planning out your meals for when school starts, especially breakfasts. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. Countless studies show that eating breakfast can help kids stay alert and perform better in school. 

Banana Split Stuffed Mason Jar

Kid-Friendly Holiday Food and Entertaining

During the holidays, kids have the best seat in the house. Seated at the “kids table” with all of their cousins, they have the opportunity to create crafts, eat finger foods and enjoy indulgent sweets. It’s the one time of year that when the adults are mingling, the kids can get into a little bit of trouble—just a little!

Banana M&M Crunch Smoothie

Attention! Time for After-School Snacks

When the school day ends, children are bound to feel their stomachs rumble while heading home on the school bus or before their extracurricular activities. Already hungry from their lunch several hours before, the trick is to give your kids after-school snacks that are hearty enough to satisfy their cravings but still leaves plenty of room for dinner.