Grands Green Bean Casserole

Comfort foods are calling your name!

Get Cozy with your Favorite Comfort Foods

Whether it’s to chase away the winter blues or bring back memories of childhood, we are a nation that loves to indulge in comfort foods. Why? Oxford dictionary added a definition for “comfort food” in 1997[1]. They are foods that provide a sense of well-being and are associated with childhood or home-cooking[2]. No matter what foods say “comfort” to you, we’ve rounded up some hearty and classic recipes that are sure to hit the spot.





  • Muffin Pan Pizzas are a fun take on everyone’s favorite that even the kids can make.Meat Lovers Pizza Bake
  • There’s double the meat in this Meat Lover’s Pizza Bake – a hearty and easy pizza casserole the whole family will rave about.
  • Add a little Mexican flair to your next game-day snack with these Mini Pizza Dillas.

Old-Fashioned Favorites


What’s your favorite comfort food to chase away the winter blues? Share in the comments below.


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