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Pineapple Strawberry Flaxmilk Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Vs. Smoothie Bowl – What’s the Difference?

If you follow the foodie world, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the pages of most culinary bloggers are suddenly filled with beautiful images of symmetrically placed fruit and veggies ensconced in large round bowls, accompanied by spoons, not straws.  What is this trendy new concoction and why is it so popular? It’s called a Smoothie Bowl – and it may be the most perfect breakfast meal ever created.

Parmesan Potato Waffles

Wacky for National Waffle Day

Calling all waffle lovers! Did you know August 24th was chosen as National Waffle Day because it is the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron? This “device to bake waffles” (as was described) was used in coal stoves and was patented in 1869 by Cornelius Swarthout of New York. Waffles are thought to have been created in the 13th century by Ancient Greeks who cooked the flat cakes, or obleios, between two metal plates. Nearly one hundred years later, frozen waffles are introduced in supermarkets for the first time, making it easy for consumers to pop them in the toaster and enjoy[1].

After school Pizza Puffs

Kid-Approved After School Snacks

School days can be exhausting, and weeknights can be even busier between after school extra curriculars, music lessons, sports and other activities. Depending on what time your child eats lunch at school, it can be a really long span until dinner’s ready. A stocked fridge and freezer for after school snacks can help you stave off hunger and avoid the evening meltdown from your kiddos.

Orange Chicken Pita Pockets with Spicy Edamame

Sizzling Meal Ideas for National Hot & Spicy Food Day!

August 19th is officially National Hot & Spicy Food Day! The weather is hot so your food might as well be too – spicy hot, that is! Spice level is certainly subject to personal opinion. Some like it so spicy tears are running down their face, while others can barely stand mild salsa.

Breakfast in a Mug

All-Star Back to School Breakfast Ideas

It’s August, which means it’s Back to School time! Between shopping for school supplies and new clothes, it’s also important to start planning out your meals for when school starts, especially breakfasts. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. Countless studies show that eating breakfast can help kids stay alert and perform better in school. 

Bays Fresh Heirloom Tomato Tartlets

Freshen up Your Meal Plan with Summer Fruits and Veggies Favorites

There’s so much to love about summer – warm weather, no school, vacations! Maybe summer fruits and veggies aren’t at the top of your list, but they provide an opportunity to change up your meal plan and incorporate fresh flavors and textures into your dishes. With so many healthy vitamins and nutrients, they’re good for you too!

Kraft S'mores Cheesecake

Totally Addictive Recipes for National S’mores Day

Grab your marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers—it’s National S’mores Day! Who can honestly resist this campfire classic, sticky treat? Though no one is sure of the exact origin of s’mores or how they got their name, the Girl Scouts of the USA is credited with the first publication of the recipe in 1927[1]! The original 1927 recipe (for 8 people) calls for eight sticks, 16 graham crackers, 8 bars of plain chocolate (each broken in half) and 16 marshmallows[2].

Summer Drinks

A Toast to Summer

It’s hard to beat enjoying a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. As the end of summer nears, the Easy Home Meals team ladies wanted to share their favorite summer beverages, cocktails and concoctions. 

Grilled Peaches and Cream Shortcake

Peachy-Keen Recipes for National Peach Month

August is here and that means it’s National Peach Month! Did you know the peach originated in China? Today, China is the largest world producer of peaches with Italy coming in second. You might know Georgia as the Peach State, but California grows 175 varieties and produces more than 50% of the peaches in the United States[1]! The peach is the third most popular fruit grown in America, providing about one-fourth of the world’s total supply of peaches[2]. The ever-popular fruit is grown in more than 30 of the United States[3].