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Pillsbury Four Corners Pizza

Leap Day-Inspired Recipes & Meal Creations

What exactly is Leap Day? This mysterious day on the calendar happens almost every four years. But, the origin of the leap year goes back to ancient history, in 1582, the spring equinox was off by 10 days. The extra day was added every four years to account for the earth’s rotation to keep the calendar on track[1]. Yes, it takes the earth a little more than one year to go around the sun!

Cool Food Panel Recap

Easy, Healthy, Winter Recipes to Brighten Your Day

Easy, healthy recipes are especially important during the winter months. Because let’s face it, winter days can sometimes be cold and dreary…and our moods can be the same. Which means our motivation to keep those healthy New Year’s resolutions can be challenging. A few of our Cool Food Panel of food experts, chefs and bloggers shared some terrific ideas and winter recipes to maintain your motivation, and brighten your day, your mood and your kitchen!


Add Some Heat to Cold Winter Days with a Chili Cook-off

The month of February calls for chili as we celebrate National Chili Day on February 28! Nothing is as fun and creative (and competitive) as a chili cook-off. So passionate are chili lovers that they hold local, national and even international competitions. The Chili Appreciation Society International has almost 50 clubs in the United States and Canada and supports over 400 sanctioned chili cook-offs involving thousands of participants each year[1].

Embrace the Weekend with a Brunch Bar!

When the weekend rolls around, it’s time to lounge and take a breather from the work week. But, one event that has been growing in popularity and doesn’t seem to be slowing down is BRUNCH. In fact, the story of brunch is the story of changing patterns in how Americans eat, live and interact[1]. Research shows that Sunday is the most popular brunch day, since schedules aren’t as tight and cravings have built up over the course of the week[1]. This weekend, we suggest hunkering down at home and throwing your very own brunch!

Chocolate Cake Roll

Chocolate Lovers Month: An Ode to All Things Chocolate

The ladies from the Easy Home Meals team are back… and since February is Chocolate Lovers Month, there’s no more appropriate time than now to celebrate our LOVE for chocolate. Keep reading for our favorite drool-worthy chocolate desserts!

English Muffin Pizzas

New and Improved Comfort Foods

During the cold winter months, comfort foods are popular choices when trying to stay warm, beat the winter blues or satisfy a sweet or salty craving. Some comfort foods might not totally align with your nutrition goals, but the following recipes and ideas are sure to cure any craving and are dietitian-approved!

Raspberry Kiss Chooclate Mousse

Heart-Warming Dishes for Valentine’s Day

It’s the middle of February, and you know what that means! Everyone’s favorite love-centric holiday is here. Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know, North America is not the only country to celebrate this love-filled occasion? It is also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia[1]. People around the globe will be making big plans on February 14, and we want you to be prepared for a cozy night with the one you love—whether it’s a friend, pet, relative or significant other!

Chicken Potstickers, Pepper and Beef Rice and White Rice

How to Put Together a Dim Sum / Chinese Food Party

When many of us think about Chinese food, the words “take-out” or “delivery” aren’t far behind.  But heading out in the cold to go pick-up from a restaurant or waiting around for food to be delivered doesn’t have to be part of the equation. The take-out can be directly from your freezer. 

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Stock Up On Snacks

Did you know February is National Snack Food Month? Snacks continue to boom in popularity and are now totally engrained in our culinary culture. Research shows that consumers are snacking more and increasingly eating snack foods along with their main meals[1].From midday munchies to post-dinner sweets and everything in between, snacks are becoming part of our everyday routine. But, the attitudes towards snacking have changed over the years. In the 1980’s, 70 percent of people said they tried to avoid snacking whereas now many people snack to satisfy varying motivations such as functional (health and hungry) and emotional needs (craving)[1].

Football Cheese Ball

Kick Off Your Super Bowl Party with These Snacks!

The Super Bowl is around the corner and so is your big game party full of tasty snacks. People can’t stop talking about what teams are playing, who has the biggest TV to watch the game on and who’s going to win. More importantly though – what foods you’re going to munch while cheering the players on and watching the halftime show! In addition to football mania, today just happens to be the first day of National Snack Food Month, so kick off February with some delicious snack foods and treats for your game day get together!