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Go Nuts for these Delicious Doughnuts on Doughnut Day!

Is it doughnut or donut? However you spell it, it’s National Doughnut Day! This yummy food holiday has been around for nearly 80 years (that’s a lot of doughnuts!) It was established in 1938 to celebrate the Salvation Army workers who supplied free doughnuts to American troops stationed abroad during WWI[1]. But where did doughnuts come from? The story goes that Hanson Gregory invented them in the mid-1800s when his mother would make the pastries with nuts in the middle where the dough wouldn’t cook—hence the literal name—Dough-Nuts. Eventually Gregory, who was a ship captain, evolved the pastry to the iconic shape, with a hole in the middle.

Cheesy Hash Browns

Celebrate Cheese Day!

Cheese lovers, our day has finally arrived. We wait for it all year, but June 4 is finally here—National Cheese Day! What better way to kick-off National Dairy Month than with a day dedicated to celebrating cheese? From breakfast, to lunch and dinner, to the snacks in between, cheese can add that special something to every meal occasion and day part. Did you know there are eight basic types of cheese? And, a cheese can belong to multiple categories[1]

Dairy Aiisle

Cool Off in the Dairy Aisle During June Dairy Month!

It’s June—which means lots of things for different people. School’s ending, the weather’s hot, vacations are planned and summer festivities are just beginning. Something else is happening too—it’s June Dairy Month, where the entire month is dedicated to celebrating the dairy aisle and all the products it has to offer.