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Potato, Patata – However You Dice ‘em, They’re Delicious!

When you’re looking for versatile and convenient food items, potatoes are at the top of our list. Whether it’s the frozen, diced variety or refrigerated hash browns, the year-round quality and freshness of these products is unbeatable! Better yet, with frozen and refrigerated options, you’ll never have to peel, chop, dice or slice a potato ever again. Plus, you don’t even need to remember to thaw them ahead of time because they can go straight from the bag to a skillet.

Fresh Flavors for Spring Entertaining

It’s spring – and here in the Northeast the flowers are starting to bloom, grass is getting greener, trees are budding and it should be getting warmer (we are still waiting for that phenomenon!)  Spring also brings many celebratory occasions – Mother’s Day, graduation celebrations, wedding showers and lots more oppotunities for entertaining.  It’s the perfect time to get creative, but keep it simple in the kitchen for family and friends.

The fresh flavors of delicious veggies just scream spring, and their health benefits make them even more appealing! If you are entertaining, there are no better vegetables to feature in an appetizer, soup, snack, side dish or entree than freshly frozen ones, picked at their peak and locked full of nutrients, including asparagus, broccoli and even spinach!

Shrimp Tostadas with Chipotle Cream

Fridge and Freezer Finds that are Kitchen Staples

Keeping your fridge and freezer stocked at all times is the key to making weeknight meals in a snap and being prepared for unexpected guests. Instead of going to the grocery multiple times a week, keep convenient, versatile and quality ingredients in your kitchen. The folks over at Bon Appetit magazine have given their kitchen staples to always have on-hand when solving the ever-popular question for any meal occasion, “What should I make?”[1]

Earth Day

Go Green this Earth Day – and Every Day!

It’s April 22nd, which you may or may not know as Earth Day! Responding to global warming and other environmental degradation, Gaylord Nelson (a Wisconsin Senator) called for an environmental teach-in to be held on April 22, 1970. This Earth Day involved over 2,000 colleges and universities and roughly 10,000 primary and secondary schools. The main purpose of the day was to promote environment awareness and reform. Earth Day is intended for all of us to recognize how we influence our limited resources from our planet[1].

dairy aisle

Our Favorite Discoveries in the Dairy Aisle

Since last month was all about frozen foods for March Frozen Food Month, we wanted to show some love to our other favorite “cool” section of the grocery store—the dairy aisle! The ladies from the Easy Home Meal team shares their newest and favorite finds in the dairy aisle.

Avocado Eggs Benedict

How Brunch Turns Sunday into Funday

What’s better than a leisure brunch on a Sunday? We can’t think of many things that top this “Sunday Funday” activity and we’re glad that much of the population is jumping on board.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

The 4-1-1 on Culinary Hacks: From Frozen to Refrigerated

Eating a great-tasting meal doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen or overspend at the grocery store. As long as you’re armed with smart kitchen tips and the right grocery list, you’ll have no problem putting together a quick breakfast, getting dinner on the table or serving a delectable dessert.

National Grilled Cheese Month Will Make You Melt

Who can resist the ooey gooey goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich? The equation for making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich is quite simple: bread + butter + cheese = deliciousness. What better time to talk about grilled cheese sandwiches than National Grilled Cheese Month!