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Snack Stadium

Food Wins for the Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, and we have to admit, besides the thrilling football game, we’re equally excited for the finger foods, sweet treats and hearty dishes! The game and commercials are entertaining, but the food served at viewing parties is just as entertaining (to the palate). According to the Department of Agriculture, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day of the year, following Thanksgiving[1].


It’s a New Year, New You!

We’re excited to welcome back our guest blogger, Carrie Taylor, RDN, LDN from Big Y Foods! Carrie will be sharing tips for a New Year, New You!

Broccoli Smoothies

Happy New You!

Make it a New Year, New You! It’s the perfect time of year to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Clear out that inbox. Empty the garage. Make amends with the healthy habits you put on hold last year!

Chicken Soup & Dumplings

Comforting and Healing Foods amidst Cold Winter Months

As we move through the winter months, many of us fear the harsh cold and dreaded flu season. One surefire way to combat these anxieties and ward off winter misery is by integrating mood-boosting foods into your diet. From foods that may help to specifically fight off colds or those that just keep you warm amid the freezing temperatures, food can be your savior this time of year!


Ignite your Taste Buds with Hot & Spicy Food

Raise your hand if you like spicy food. According to a report from 2013, more than 54 percent of people said that hot or spicy foods are appealing, compared to 48 percent in 2011 and 46 percent in 2009[1]. While millennials are most likely to crave spicy foods, these hotter foods are gaining popularity across nearly all age demographics[1]. In celebration of International Hot & Spicy Food Day, the Easy Home Meal team wanted to share their favorite recipes and frozen foods that pack on the heat!

Broccoli and Kale Lasagna

Ins & Outs of Gluten-Free Food in the Freezer Aisle

Have you ever hosted a party or gathered for a meal with friends/family and all of a sudden you forgot someone has dietary restrictions (like gluten-free)? Keeping a supply of frozen meals handy can help alleviate these sticky situations. No matter the meal occasion or time of day, the freezer aisle houses various options across different cuisines that anyone with restrictions, intolerances or allergens may be able to enjoy.

Asian Chicken Udon Soup

Let’s Welcome Katie Workman!

NFRA is so excited to introduce Katie Workman as our newest Cool Food Panel member for 2015. As a food writer, cookbook author and mother to two kids, Katie knows it all when it comes to providing simple, nutritious meals for families. With an easy-going and practical approach to cooking, we can’t wait to see what Katie has in store for 2015 with endless tips, tricks and fabulous recipes!

Kung Pao Chicken

New Year, New You

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have subsided, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. In fact, nearly half of Americans are expected to make a resolution, with most vowing to lose weight[1]. Last year, only 59 percent of people kept to their resolutions, even lower from the previous year’s 72 percent[1]. If mindful meal planning is on your agenda, we are here to help with solutions, tips and food ideas to successfully usher you into 2015.