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Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dishing on our Summer Ice Cream Favorites

Ice cream is one of those desserts that’s delicious all year round, but even more satisfying during the dog days of summer – whether you’re having a block party, sitting by the pool, hanging out with friends or for an after-dinner dessert. Everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream indulgence, from good ‘ol scoopable ice cream to popsicles to new popular trends like frozen yogurt and gelato. There’s even more reason to celebrate – July is Ice Cream Month, so the Easy Home Meals team dished on our summer favorites!

Summertime Grilling Season with a Healthy Twist

Summer barbeques and cookouts are in full swing, so take advantage of the next few months and throw an outdoor bash with healthier, yet tasty menu options! When deciding what to serve, hone in on “better-for-you” cooking skills without giving up your weekend’s food adventures.

Estela Healthy Picnic

Tips for Planning a Perfectly Healthy Summer Picnic

As a mom of two daughters, and I also happen to be a registered dietitian, I’m always looking for fun and unique ways to entertain my family with food that is healthy and delicious. I think summer is the best time to get kids excited about cooking, because—who doesn’t love packing up their meal and enjoying it outside in the sunny, warm weather? Since the peak of summer is in full swing and the kids are out of school, it’s time to take advantage of outdoor activities. Going on a picnic—whether it be in your backyard, park or playground—can be a fun way to spend some quality family time!

Sweet Potato Fries with Herbed Dip

French Fries: the Classic Culinary Side-Kick

In honor of National French Fry Day, we are celebrating the culinary sidekick to a wide-range of classic, All-American dishes— hands up if you’ve enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers and basically any sandwich with a pile of crisp, hot French fries! Did you know that the average American consumes about 30 pounds of French fries per year?[1]

Peanut Butter Cup Volcanoes

We All Scream for Ice Cream Month!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! And with it being National Ice Cream Month, that’s double the reason to scream for this beloved, frosty dessert. Did you know that at least 83% of American households purchase ice cream at least once a year?[1]

Fantastic Fourth of July Festivities

There’s something special about festivities that happen around the Fourth of July. This season, our wish list includes an outdoor gathering that’s convenient, stress-free, kid-friendly…and of course includes stars, stripes and the red, white and blue! Even though we’re all familiar with the holiday activities that take place on this day, the current Fourth of July festivities look slightly different than they did back in 1776. That year, the first-ever major celebration in Philadelphia included some of the celebratory events we’re all accustomed to, in addition to a thirteen-shot cannon salute. But, we still are very much in tune with the annual traditions of parades, fireworks and customary cook-outs.

Serve a Slice for Cheesecake Month Celebrations

It is said that 99 percent of American consumers eat dessert with 70 percent doing so at least once a week.[1] In celebration of Cheesecake Month, buy or bake a slice of this delicious dairy treat. This sweet concoction is loved by many around the globe, but originated on the Greek island of Samos. With simple ingredients like flour, wheat, honey and cheese, cheesecake served in Greece was considered to be a good source of energy and was a popular wedding cake choice. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century when Europeans started incorporating beaten eggs into their recipes instead of yeast, that the cheesecake we all know and love today got its essence of dessert-flavor.[2]