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Natalie Nacho Dip

Snacking Our Way Through the Dairy Aisle

Whether you’re trying to battle the dreaded mid-afternoon snack attack, entertain (un)expected guests or simply keep your on-the-go kids fueled, it’s important to always have treats on hand for when hunger strikes. There are plenty of snack-able heroes to be found in your very own dairy aisle—and bonus: they’re good for you and your taste buds! If you find yourself in a pinch, it’s time to make the dairy aisle your one-stop snacking destination. And you’re not alone—the Easy Home Meals team shares our favorite way to snack ourselves through the dairy aisle!

Tutti Frutti Dessert Pizza

Mr. Food Test Kitchen Gets Inspired During June Dairy Month

June Dairy MonthIt’s June Dairy Month, and here at the Mr. Food Test Kitchen we’re letting you know just how cool it is to take a walk down the dairy aisles of your grocery store. From milk, butter and creamer, to yogurt and shredded cheese, the dairy aisles are home to some of our favorite ingredients!

Apple Pie Yogurt Mini Trifle

Greek Yogurt Dominates the Dairy Aisle

Everyone from children to adults can’t get enough Greek yogurt in their diet! This household favorite is dominating the dairy aisle in supermarkets across the globe while commanding much of the $7 billion U.S. yogurt market. There is almost nowhere that Greek can’t go especially with the unique product innovations for every meal-part and also as a source of high-quality protein consumers crave.[1] Even though many of us enjoy this product on a daily basis, how much do you really know about Greek yogurt?

Peaches and Blueberry Cream Popsicle Bites

Celebrate Summer Snacking with Bite-Sized Recipes

We are pleased to introduce celebrity chef and culinary expert, Aida Mollenkamp! Known for her indulgent masterpieces, she has crafted exclusive snack-sized recipes focusing on dairy ingredients (beyond milk and yogurt), with rich flavors to inspire your inner chef all summer long. Now Aida will dish all the details…

Berry Breakfast Parfaits

Get Creative with Cottage Cheese

June is Dairy Month, which means it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate all types of cheese all month long, including cottage cheese! Cottage cheese—which got its name from its history of being first made in cottages—is a healthy cheese you can use to enjoy all types of snacks and meals this summer. It’s super versatile and contains high levels of protein—great for the health-conscious! Cottage cheese is low in calories when compared to other cheeses, and contains calcium and vitamin A, which is an important vitamin for the growth and development of your body’s cells. It’s also important to keep your bones strong and healthy—in fact, one cup of cottage cheese provides one-third of your dairy requirement for the day!

Breakfast Pizza Fore Dad

Father’s Day Festivities Full of Food, Fun & Family

Throughout the year, specific days are chosen to celebrate the ones we love. Mothers receive recognition in May, but June is all about dads. In most countries, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June (this year falls on June 15), but in Spain and Portugal, fathers are honored on March 19 and in Australia, they celebrate the first Sunday in September.[1] No matter which country you live in, all fathers deserve their special day of appreciation!

Easy Lemon Cream Pie Dip

Snacking Made Simple with Three Easy Steps

Everyone loves a good mid-afternoon snack! Most Americans snack throughout the day, representing 50 percent of all eating occasions and 65 percent occurring after lunch. The most popular time that people start to get the munchies is in the afternoon (28 percent) with the less popular time being late at night (13 percent)[1]. With snacking becoming so common, we’re here to share fun, simple recipes to help satisfy those early morning or mid-afternoon cravings in three easy steps.

Sargento's Cheese Lovers’ Mac & Cheese

How to Create Cheesy Concoctions to Celebrate National Cheese Day

To no surprise, mozzarella is one of the most available cheese varieties in the United States. Many Americans consume this particular flavor within a wide range of cuisines and according to the USDA, it has beat out Cheddar for the last two years as the most notable and available cheese nationwide. In result of Americans eating habits, cheese consumption and availability has tripled since 1970. This has created a cheese explosion that has led to home cooks adding this popular dairy item to many of their meals and more cheese-heavy menu options for restaurant-goers[1].

No matter if mozzarella reigns supreme or others favor Cheddar, we absolutely adore all varieties! National Cheese Day (June 4th) may be the cheesiest and most delicious day of the year because anything goes for when, what and how to create ooey-gooey cheesy dishes.

Kickin' Cheese Tarts

Discover the Cool Possibilities During June Dairy Month!

As the summer heat sets in, turn to the aisle that’s beyond cool… for your snacking needs! It’s June Dairy Month and we’re encouraging you to “Discover the Cool Possibilities!” Forget the chip aisle, it’s time to make the the dairy aisle your new snack destination.