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Strawberry-Topped Waffles with Sweet Cream Sauce

Dig Your Fork into International Waffle Day

Today is a holiday that all ages can enjoy at breakfast, lunch or dinner – International Waffle Day! Whether waffles are a regular part of your breakfast repertoire, or you are the type to order them at your favorite brunch spot, waffles exude a sense of warmth and comfort from their fluffy interior to the crisp exterior that shatters against your teeth upon the first bite.

apple pie with ice cream

Celebrate Pi(e) Day with a Slice

Does a pie-a-day keep the doctor away? Doubtful, but a slice of apple pie still counts when adding up your daily servings of fruit.

Even though a daily dose of pie would definitely not be approved by a doctor, National Pi(e) Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a slice of your favorite – will it be apple or French silk? When you’re short on time, and need to fulfill your pie craving, a stroll down your grocer’s freezer aisle presents you with dozens of options ready for your table – fruit, chocolate, custard-filled, cream-filled, meringue, nuts, traditional flavors and many more. And, don’t be afraid to add your own personal twist to your frozen pie and make it your own!

Stouffer's Lasagna

Frozen Foods – Great for Balancing Meals

Why Frozen Is Your Meal-Planning Friend

You do your best to balance all parts of your busy lifestyle – your job, school, family, volunteering, exercise, and even a little “me” time, when possible. While juggling so many facets of life, it’s hard to remember to keep a balanced diet. This is where frozen foods can be a reliable source for planning ahead and staying on track. Why? Many frozen foods are portioned to be nutritious and delicious.

Let’s Welcome the Mr. Food Test Kitchen!

We’re pleased to introduce our partner and friend, Howard from the Mr. Food Test Kitchen! Their philosophy of quick and easy cooking fits perfectly with the benefits of frozen and refrigerated foods. Now, without further adieu…

Easy Home Meals Blog – Welcome

EasyHomeMeals_Final_highresWelcome to the new Easy Home Meals blog where you can find recipe ideas, tips and culinary inspiration! In today’s busy world, we all want tasty, wholesome AND convenient meal solutions. Surprise! The frozen food and refrigerated dairy aisles offer it all!

Sweet Corn – From Field to Freezer

Have you ever wondered what goes into getting sweet corn from the fields into your freezer? At Green Giant, we take pride in the process that allows you to have field-fresh vegetables on your table throughout the year.


March is Frozen Food Month – Take a Fresh Look at Your Frozens!

Did you know March is Frozen Food Month? That’s right! And now is the time to take a fresh look at frozens! Because all across the country, supermarkets and frozen food manufacturers are pairing up to offer great deals on many of the over 3,700 products you can find in the freezer aisle. So stock up on your favorites. Try something new. Let your taste buds take a trip around the globe. From frozen fruits and veggies that are picked at their peak and frozen to lock in all the nutrients to sweet, indulgent treats, the frozen food aisle has it all.